Babysitting platform Charly Cares launches solution for staff shortages at hospitals and healthcare institutions

Parents currently face many challenges regarding childcare due to staff shortages at schools and daycares. Especially with regards to parents in a crucial profession, this can lead to major bottlenecks in the occupation of hospitals and healthcare institutions. With the new solution from babysitting platform Charly Cares, employers can support their staff by reimbursing the costs of a babysitter at home. With this business service, employers can try to solve staff shortages and reduce workloads.

Solution to staff shortage

The OLVG hospital in Amsterdam is the first hospital in the Netherlands to support their staff with a babysitter at home. Ellen, HR Manager, on the current situation: “At the moment, we no longer know how to fill all shifts. Many colleagues have fallen ill, the daycares or schools are sending children home due to staff shortages. We are under pressure from all sides. A babysitter at home can immediately offer a solution, so that my colleagues can continue their important work.”

Childcare for parents in a crucial profession

Paula is a doctor on the corona department in the hospital: “I am a plastic surgeon. I currently work on the ICU at varying times and often only know a day in advance at what time I have to be there. My husband works from home and cannot watch the children all day. A babysitter at home is indispensable to us.”

The parent working from home

Since the intelligent lockdown this spring, employers have been forced to think along with their staff about childcare, according to founder Charly Van der Straten: “Charly Cares Business turns out to be essential not just for healthcare institutions that are struggling with staff shortages. More and more companies are making extensive use of the business service to unburden parents working from home, to safeguard productivity and reduce stress levels.”

Discover Charly Cares Business

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