Babysitting service Charly Cares is there for Wundermart employees“Being good to your employees is good for the business”

The conversation started from the beginning: Tell us, what exactly is Wundermart?Rody: “We offer unmanned shops, for example in hotels and hospitals. These shops are open 24/7, are data-driven, and offer an extensive and varied product range. The consumer gets the product they want at any time. Our website states 'grab, pay & go!' and it really is that easy. Currently, all our employees work from home. Fortunately, everybody is able to continue their work from there.”

So, working from home, how is that going now that the kids are also at home?

“Normally, the kids go to school or to daycare, but due to the coronavirus that is of course no longer possible. So everyone's at home with work and children. That can get quite busy and even stressful. I experience that too at times, although of course it's also been really fun. To unburden our employees, we though: 'well, we'll help them create moments where they don't have to worry about the children.' By helping our employees with childcare, they can focus on other things. That doesn't necessarily have to be work, but could also be quality time with their partner. So they can look each other deeply in the eye again, which it also important." says Rody, smiling.

“It was an initiative taken by us as employer.”

"We didn't get any complaints or anything. And we, as an employer, were not asked to think about childcare. But you also notice yourself that it can be quite intensive to work from home when the kids are also around 24/7. That's why we wanted to help out. It was an initiative taken by us as an employer. As HR representative, I am happy with being afforded the space to set this up. Being good to your people is good for the company."

The big question for Rody is what the response from employees was. "Everyone really appreciates it, there have only been positive responses. A large part of our people are already using it. For example, one colleague has already booked a babysitter for the next 4 Mondays."

Of course, we would like to know why Wundermart chose Charly Cares: "If you want to offer your people something, you want to do so as simply as possible, in a way that suits everyone. Almost all our employees live in different cities. We do not wish to offer a different form of childcare in each city. Charly Cares' infrastructure makes it easy. You are active in many cities and can therefore be used by all our employees."

"Your Babysitting Angels have a great sense of responsibility."

At the moment, it can be quite exciting to get a babysitter at home. We are very aware of this at Charly Cares. We asked what Wundermart thinks about it. Their response is short but sweet: "We trust that you have taken the necessary precautions. We also trust that all people involved take their responsibility and don't get each other sick. Your Babysitting Angels might be a tad young at times, but they too have a great sense of responsibility."

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