Booh! The scariest Halloween recipesThe spookiest and most fun recipes to make with your (babysitting) kids

The children bake Halloween cookies together

Only a few days before the spookiest day of the year is here. In the Netherlands, we don't celebrate Halloween as much as they do in other countries, so all the more reason to really do something with the theme this year. The children are sure to love it. So, dust off your apron, put on your chef's hat, and start cooking!

#1 Spooky Cookies

Cookies, who doesn't love them? In addition to being mega delicious, they are also super easy to make. The internet is full of recipes for ‘home-made cookie dough‘, but a package of ready-made cookie dough from the supermarket should work just as well!

You will need:
- Cookie dough
- Edible decoration markers
- Other edible decorations

The greatest thing about making cookies? You can create all kinds of shapes from the dough! The real spooky work only starts with decorating. Let your creativity loose and the children are sure to love it! Now let's hope they are tasty too 😉.

An example of scary Halloween cookies

#2 Mummy sausage rolls

Mummy sausage rolls for Halloween

A fun snack or a quick bite: a sausage roll is always a good bet. We've given the classic sausage roll a scary new look, disguised as a mummy! Perfect for the kids (but secretly just as much for the parents).

You will need:
- Frankfurters
- Puff pastry
- Egg yolk
- Splash of milk
- Edible candy eyes

They may look complicated, but they are super easy to make. Make sure to defrost the puff pastry and cut it into slices of about 1 cm wide. Wrap the strips around the sausages, but be careful: leave space of about 1 cm between the dough at the top, so that the sausage is visible and there is room for the eyes!

#3 Halloween Cupcakes

Lastly, an absolute must-have Halloween treat. These cupcakes may not be the scariest, but they sure are delicious! The great thing about cupcakes is that you need very little to make them, so no need to buy crazy baking supplies.

You will need:
- Basic cupcake recipe
- Cupcake cups
- Other edible decorations

Let's start with the cupcakes. For this recipe too, you can choose between making the batter from scratch or running to the supermarket for a ready-made package. In terms of decoration, it's completely up to you. You can get to work with buttercream, marzipan, or decorative markers. Let the kids do their thing and voilà, the cupcakes are Halloween proof!

Halloween cupcakes in shape of a ghost

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