Fall activities for you and the kids!

Fall season (and the holiday) has started! That means: enjoying the beautiful colors of fall and getting cozy. It's a good season for spending some time inside, but there's a lot to do outside as well. We have some tips for a cozy & creative fall!

#1 Detectives

In fall, nature is changing; lovely! Don't forget to visit the woods or a park for the best surroundings. You can go for a walk, but what about a little scavenger hunt?

Paper, marker, walking route.

How does it work?
Mark a dotted line all over the paper, this will be your walking route (it doesn't exactly have to be the walking route). Place an icon in a number of places on the dotted line. For example, you can draw a circle with the number 3, this means that the kids have to turn 3 circles. Or you can put a branch somewhere, which means that the children have to find a branch. When you have drawn all the different icons, the hunt can begin. Finish at home with a warm reward, such as hot chocolate and a cookie. This way you can warm up again!

#2 Animal lover

Now that the weather is getting colder outside, it is more difficult for the birds to find food. With this tip you and the kids can help out the birds!


Empty carton of milk/yogurt or juice, glue, tape, scissors, paint, string, twig, bird food.

How does it work?

Clean the carton and cut an opening on the front and back. Let the kids paint it in a color they like. Are they satisfied with their artwork? Then help them make a small hole under the opening (on both sides) with the scissors. Push the twig through the hole, here the birds can rest. Now make another hole, at the top of the carton, so that a string can pass through. With this string you can hang the food bowl in the garden.

Done? Fill the feeder with bird food, hang it up and you're done. Sttttt, try to whisper and quietly wait for a bird to come for food.

#3 Bohoo, Happy Halloween

October 31st, it's Halloween again! That includes pumpkins. Buy a pumpkin together, hollow out the pumpkin and decorate it!

Extra tip: if there is a pumpkin farm near you, you can first go there together. The kids can then choose a pumpkin themselves.


A pumpkin, knife, spoon, paint

How does it work?

Start hollowing out the pumpkin yourself, let the children wait for a second (safety first!). When the pumpkin is completely empty, it's the kids' turn. They can draw a face on the pumpkin, but they can also choose to draw shapes, letters or something else. Let's be creative! When they are ready you can cut out the drawing. Not done crafting yet? Then the children can decorate the pumpkin even more with paint. Finally, you can put a few tea lights in the belly of pumpkin and let it sparkle!

#Extra tip, Homemade peanut butter

Hmm peanut butter, delicious! Even better when it's homemade. Let's go!


Unsalted, unroasted peanuts, food processor, jar with lid, optional: oil and salt.

How does it work?

First, put a few handfuls of peanuts in the food processor with the kids. Grind the peanuts a little fine and then add some peanuts again. When all the peanuts have been added you can grind the peanuts into a smooth paste, or leave some pieces in it if you like that! Ready? If necessary, add a pinch of salt and a dash of oil to make the peanut butter a bit more fat. Change it to how you like it and... enjoy!

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