New app update: your preferences!

At Charly Cares, you work when you want to. Our new update contributes to that promise: there is a new way to indicate your availability. You can now do so based on preferred days, so that parents will have an even clearer view of when you are available and we will be able to provide a better match.

Morning, afternoon, evening?

You can indicate which parts of the day you would prefer to babysit. By indicating this preference, you will appear higher up in the search results for parents who are looking for a babysitter for those parts of the day. Note: don't forget to press 'Save'

Not available for a while...

Going on holiday, in the middle of your exam period, or simply busy? You can simply block the full days or weeks for which you are not available.

Extra babysitting? Stand-by!

More time to babysit? Change your status to 'stand-by', so that you will appear higher up in the search results. You can find your status in your agenda.

Declining is okay!

Did you receive a request, but does it not 100% match your preferences? It happens. You may still be able to babysit: great! If not, you can simply decline the request. Good to know: declining has no negative consequences for your profile. In fact, it's good for your response time: parents will know what to expect more quickly!