Angel Romee: "I love being able to help children"

“Hello! My name is Romee, I am 17 years old and I am currently enrolled in the Specialized Pedagogical Employee training program in Hilversum. I previously did Nursing, but I found myself leaning more towards working with children. I am very happy with this switch and my babysitting job fits well with it!”

Have you always wanted to work with children?

“Yes, I have been babysitting since I was 13. It started with babysitting neighbourhood children and babysitting for families that I knew. Later on, I tried different platforms and in the end I found that Charly Cares worked best for me. I did a lot of babysitting, particularly during the lockdowns, so I was able to meet many new families in Amsterdam. Over the years, I have gained a lot of babysitting experience, and I've noticed that this also gives me a small head start in my studies.”

Why do you prefer babysitting via Charly Cares?

“The app is very clear and organised, and I think the families are all great. I also really like that I can choose my own hourly rate, so that I can decide for myself based on my age and experience what I want to ask for. Of course, I don't want to set it too high, but I do have a lot of experience and I my study program also involves working with children. I do take that into account..”

“I think it's very special to be able to help children in such a way”

“While babysitting, I also gain lots of experience that I can apply to my studies and that is relevant to what I want to do after that. I really want to become a child psychologist, focused on communicating with children in a playful manner. I myself used to visit a child psychologist and I think it's very special to be able to help children in such a way.”

Do you already apply that knowledge while babysitting?

“Definitely! What makes babysitting so special to me is that I feel that I can really mean something to the children. If you go somewhere more often, you'll be much more aware of what is going on with a child and how you can potentially offer help. Children are often happy and cheerful, but you also need to be there for them when they are sad. If they are, it helps to just talk to them and spend some time with them. They often really appreciate that. I had many other part-time jobs, but I always find my way back to babysitting. It's not just working to earn money or because you have to, it's also something I find fun and educational. I see it more as a hobby.”

“They'll often reach for an iPad”

“I also often babysit during holidays, which is usually for a full day. It's always great fun, but it can also be challenging to entertain the children for a whole day. Nowadays, of course, children will often reach for an iPad when they are bored, while I would rather encourage them to go outside. Of course, if the parents have said that the children can watch a movie before or after dinner, that's fine. Watching a movie together on a cold winter day is also always fun.”

“I can learn something from every age”

“The ages of the children I babysit vary wildly; sometimes, it'll be a 4-month-old newborn, whereas other times it's 11-year-olds. I really like all ages and it's very interesting to switch between different age groups. You can learn something from every age! Every child is unique, which is so special to see. I also find it interesting to see how every parent has their own way of raising a child; that is super instructive for me.”

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