This is how we select our Babysitting AngelsA selection based on experience, affinity and trust

During the daily ins and outs of family life, a babysitter is a must have. This offers you some time and space for (work-related) activities such as sports, a hairdresser's appointment, lunch or a date night with your partner. We totally understand booking a babysitter can be quite a big step. The care of your most precious possession is being put in the hands of someone else. We are happy to take you through the process of selecting new Babysitting Angels, where reliability and transparency are number one.

60% Angels with healthcare related background

Our Babysitting Angels are selected with great care; during the selection process we focus on candidates with a healthcare profile. For example: PABO and Pedagogy students or other care related studies. So the Angels have a genuine affinity with babysitting.

Profile, experience and motivation

The babysitters are personally checked by us before they are added to the Charly Cares platform. They are selected based on their profile, experience and motivation. We work carefully, because it is of great importance to us that both the Angels and the parents feel comfortable and familiar with each other.

Existing references

Reliability and transparency are our number 1 priority. We ask our Angels-to-be to add at least two references from families where the Angel has previously babysat. When the references reply, the babysitter can be added to the platform.

Rate the babysitting service

Last but not least: it is important that parents and Angels are satisfied with the babysitting services. Parents are obliged to give a rating after every babysitting service and can choose to write a review. At our head office in Amsterdam, we monitor this data to create transparency for our users.

Want to know more about how we take care of quality and safety?

Take a look at this page, where we explain everything about, for example, our Angel insurance and Customer Care team.