Meet Babysitting Angel Ella!

At Charly Cares, you can babysit how and when you want to. Angel Ella knows all about that! Ella is 22 years old, lives in Utrecht, and studies Applied Psychology. Before that, she did an English language course in San Diego, and she's worked in Washington as an au pair twice. She has been babysitting since she was 14. In this Angel Story, Ella will tell you more about her experience.

You already have lots of babysitting experience! How often do you babysit via Charly Cares?

“Right now, I babysit quite a bit, about 5 to 7 days a week. This past summer, I did a lot of full day shifts; the parents had to work during the day while the kids had a school vacation. Now that the vacation is over, I pick the kids up from school and only babysit in the afternoon. And, now that people can go out at night again, many parents are also asking me to babysit at night, which means I can work lots, perfect!”

“During the summer holiday, I did a lot of full day services. I currently pick the kids up from school and babysit in the afternoon.”

“How much I babysit depends on the period. Sometimes, for example, I only babysit at night, if that fits better with my study schedule. The great thing about Charly Cares is that it's very flexible and that you can schedule everything yourself. That way, I also have time for my social life. I often go to meet friends after a babysitting service, because I'll already be in the neighbourhood anyway.”

Do you also babysit for new families, or mostly stick to fixed ones?

“Both! I have about 7 to 8 fixed families that I work for often. Those babysitting services are already planned long in advance. But I do also accept the occasional last minute request. If I have some free time one evening, I babysit for different families. c“I think getting to know the children I babysit better is the best thing about babysitting. That's what's so great about fixed babysitting: you really bond with the children. And it always makes me super happy to hear that they think I'm a great babysitter!”

“It always makes me super happy to hear that they think I'm a great babysitter!”

“Whenever I babysit, I like to do all kinds of activities with the kids. For example, we'll go to the playground, bake something, play, draw, read books, etcetera. That's why I have so many great memories from babysitting! I once went to see a film with the kids, that was so much fun. Another great memory is when one of the children told me she thinks I'm very sweet and then hugged me.”

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