Babysitting platform Charly Cares uses crowdfunding to raise half a million in just a few days

An increasing number of scale-ups are opting for a crowdfunding campaign as an investment form. With the growing willingness to invest, it is an attractive way to raise growth capital. The current crowdfunding campaign from babysitting platform Charly Cares confirms the success of crowdfunding as a form of investment.

Despite the evening lockdown, the Amsterdam-based scale-up has raised the target amount of half a million euros in just a few days, with the campaign still running until the end of the year. Charly Cares wants to use the capital raised to realise its growth plans for the next 12 to 18 months.

Great investor diversity

The 149 crowdfunders, together good for half a million funding, show great diversity; from users, to experts in the platform economy. Patrick Stal, father, global CMO & Investor, platform marketeer, and formerly part of Uber, is a great example:

“Charly Cares contains the unique blend of ingredients necessary for growing a platform. The perfect solution to one of the greatest challenges of our time: finding the right balance between parenthood and career. That to me was the reason to invest.”

Employees of the platform also want to share in the growth and have therefore invested. For example, Head of Tech Bert van Hoekelen:

“Because I am part of the company, I am convinced we will achieve our goals. For one, I am certain that, using our technical knowledge, innovation, and motivation, we will make our product, the app, a success. That is why I have also invested during the crowdfunding; I see many great opportunities and this is how I want to become a part of them.”

The employer pays for the babysitter

The babysitting platform started offering a ‘business babysitter’ in 2021. Using this service, an increasing number of employers are choosing to support their working parents with childcare at home. Ever since the first lockdown, with the closure of schools, over 75 companies have signed up for Charly Cares Business, the platform's business service. Now that the Christmas holiday is starting earlier than expected, more organisations are joining them at a rapid pace. About 30% of all transactions on the babysitting platform are currently being paid for by the employer.