Platforms provide access to data with GigCV

Dutch online platforms launch GigCV, a digital certificate for platform work. Over 50.000 platform workers can now access their data and use it to build a resume.

Anyone who babysits, cleans, or does other day gigs via online platforms can now obtain proof of that work experience. With the push of a button, you can download your own GigCV: a validated proof of work experience via platforms.

More opportunities on the labour market

GigCV is a collaboration between four online platforms in the gig economy: Charly Cares (babysitting), Helpling (cleaning), Roamler (construction and installation), and YoungOnes (various day gigs). GigCV is an idea and initiative of platform expert and researcher Martijn Arets.

Over 50.000 platform workers are registered at the platforms that are involved in the launch. Starting now, they can voluntarily request their GigCV for free. This document is intended to increase their chances on the labour market.

Sharing data is logical, says Charly van der Straten of babysitting platform Charly Cares. "After all, the data belongs to the workers, not to us. Moreover, we hope to contribute to their opportunities on the labour market. People are desperately needed in the childcare sector, and it would therefore be great if we became a springboard for platform workers with ambition in that field."

It is very likely that work experience in the platform economy contributes to the confidence of potential employers or clients, according to research by Arets. Arets: "The document will only contain validated data: the number of gigs, type of clients, and reviews. It will be immediately clear what you have done and what your client thought of it."

Stepping stone to more or other work

Working via platforms is an accessible way to enter the labour market: almost everyone can register with ease, even people who have little experience or who can only work a few hours a week. Thanks to GigCV, platform work should become a stepping stone to more or different work. With this digital certificate, a platform worker can, for example, show that they are a good babysitter. They may not have any pedagogical training, but they could have 300 reviews from satisfied parents.

Unique collaboration

This is the first time that platforms have made mutual agreements about sharing data with workers. Arets believes that the fact that this has happened is partially due to the simplicity of GigCV. "It is a package of agreements, standards, and tools that all platforms can apply themselves. GigCV does not have a profit objective."

Right to data

The initiators encourage all other digital intermediaries to participate, no matter whether they work with freelancers, employees, or temporary workers. After all, every worker has the right to their data. Arets: "There is a lot of interest, also from digital employment agencies, for example. You will soon be able to request your GigCV from at least five other platforms."

GigCV will be expanded at a later date with more information. It will then also become possible to transfer data to other platforms. In the meantime, Arets and scientists from five different universities are investigating the impact of GigCV on the chances of workers on the labour market. "Does data sharing strengthen their position? Under what conditions? Now that GigCV can be downloaded, we can find answers to these questions. This knowledge contributes to the public debate."