Cooking with fixed babysitter MerelHealthy pizzas from Magioni are on the menu

Angel Merel babysits for the same family and likes to help out in the household. How great is it for parents if the kids have had a great day and a healthy meal is ready on the table when they come home? Babysitting Angel Merel cooks Magioni pizzas together with the kids. Read on!

Meet Angel Merel

“My name is Merel and I am 23 years old. I have been babysitting via Charly Cares for some time now. I am currently babysitting for fixed families, where I will also regularly help out in the household. I think it is very important to have fun with the kids, and that has certainly worked out great with these pizzas!”

“The children actively participated. That doesn't usually happen when you prepare food!”

“I really like helping parents out when it comes to dinner. Often the kids, Vicky and Kobe, will be doing something for themselves while I'm in the kitchen. That is, until the animal shapes came out of the ‘mini pizza chef box’ from Magioni, then they were suddenly eager to help out in the kitchen. The kids really enjoyed it and actively participated.”

What did you enjoy the most about this day of babysitting?

“It was great seeing how happy Kobe and Vicky were. They really enjoyed making their animal pizzas and couldn't wait to eat them. Making them together was so much fun, plus the pizzas turned out really tasty and healthy. They got to pick an animal themselves and wanted to recreate said animal in pizza form. We ended up with a frog and a cat. They turned out quite well, if I say so myself.”

“We had a super fun afternoon and a healthy meal”

“I would recommend cooking together in a playful manner to all other Angels and parents. These pizzas, for example, were delicious and fun to make together. By following a simple recipe, the kids can easily help out. We had a great evening and a healthy meal.”

Want to create some animal pizzas too?

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