Reading has never been this much funDe Voorleeshoek makes reading together a whole new experience

Reading together is very important, every child loves it and should be read to about 15 minutes every day. Don't worry if you as a parent don't always get around to it, De Voorleeshoek is here to help. Reading videos full of music, sounds, and an educational story. Babysitting Angel Sabine shares her experience.

Meet Angel Sabine

“My name is Sabine, I am 20 years old and have graduated from the hotel school in Utrecht. In addition to being a Babysitting Angel, I am also part of the recruitment, sales, and more recently the customer support team at Charly Cares. As a recruiter, I see a lot of different people and I get to have some great conversations about the different babysitting experiences and stories from future Angels. It makes my work fun and very diverse, but I also always enjoy babysitting.”

“Reading together was really given a new look.”

“I babysit three children of different ages. They were all allowed to pick their own books. There was a huge amount of choice and the books were sorted by age, so there was something for everyone. The eldest chose: ‘Luuk en Lotje het is herfst’. The middle one chose ‘Mag ik je opa lenen?’ and for the youngest of almost 2 we chose the book ‘Kikker is kikker’. They got to watch the fun pictures come by and danced along to the music. Reading together was really given a new look.”

What did the children think of the videos?

“The children loved the videos and were immediately enthusiastic. We always read a book together to relax before they go to sleep. This time, we turned it around and listened to a book from De Voorleeshoek in the morning. They really loved watching the videos. Especially the pictures and accompanying music made is super fun.”

What did you like about De Voorleeshoek?

“We watched the videos on the computer and on the TV. You also have the option of watching the videos on your phone, which makes it compact and handy. The videos aren't that long and were therefore really easy to watch. Afterwards, we discussed together what the kids liked the most about each of the books. I really enjoyed using it while babysitting. It's great to see the children get so excited while reading a simple book.”

What do you think is the biggest advantage of the videos of De Voorleeshoek?

“The children can really get into the story because the pictures are enlarged during the reading. The pictures in combination with the music make reading together an entirely new and fun experience. I would definitely recommend De Voorleeshoek to parents, but also to other Babysitting Angels. For parents, they may just be short those 15 minutes after a long day at work. With De Voorleeshoek, you can still make time for reading a book together. Simply turn on the video and then you can do something else yourself, such as cooking. That way, the children still get their daily portion of reading.”

Are you already a fan of De Voorleeshoek?

Are you already excited about De Voorleeshoek? As a Charly Cares member, when creating a booking you will now get the first month at De Voorleeshoek for free and a 40% discount on a one-year subscription. So, find you Angel now, and have the babysitter read with the kids with De Voorleeshoek!

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