Care challenges due to strict corona policy

Although the government is trying to keep schools and daycares open, in practice it has become clear that an increasing number of children is required to stay home due to the strict corona policy. Research by the General Association of School Leaders (“Algemene Vereniging Schoolleiders”) indicates that half of all primary schools have recently had to send one or more grades home.

In combination with the staff shortages in the childcare and school sectors, the consequences are serious: parents are still stuck at home with children. The pressure on the working parent is thus again increasing, which is why employers are almost forced to come up with solutions.

Charly Cares is a babysitting platform that launched the solution ‘a business babysitter’ during the corona crisis. Founder Charly van der Straten on the business solution: “Arranging a babysitter is no longer solely the parent's responsibility; companies have also realised - due to the crisis - that they need to support their employees when it comes to childcare. This allows the parent to continue to work productively from home, while the babysitter takes care of the children and provides homeschooling.”

Deloitte is one of the sixty organisations that uses Charly Cares to support its employees. Marjolein Heijstraten, Director Performance & Rewards Deloitte: “At Deloitte, the well-being of our people comes first. We understand how difficult it can be to balance work with parenthood (and homeschooling), all at the same time. At Deloitte, we provide support in the form of childcare for children of primary school age or younger. Deloitte employees are happy with the solution that is being offered and have really been helped by it. To be more specific, they have indicated that they are now able to do their work in a more balanced way.”

Companies that use Charly Cares Business: