Charly Cares is going crowdfunding - tell me more!

These are exciting times for Charly Cares: a crowdfunding campaign is underway with the aim of raising a minimum of €500.000. Why has Charly Cares started this campaign, what is the goal, and why is capital needed? High time to talk to one of the founders: Xander Koenen.

Xander, exciting times! Why did Charly Cares choose this type of investment?

“Charly Cares is entering a new growth phase, because now is the time to expand Charly Cares. Why? There is a growing demand for our types of services within (and outside of) the Netherlands and we want to roll out Charly Cares Business as an extra benefit for employees. Capital is needed to realise these plans.”

“With this investment round, we offer the ‘crowd’ and larger investors the opportunity to invest in Charly Cares. We have attractive conditions for both parties, so it's a win-win situation. In addition, crowdfunding just fits well with our brand and our mission. We have many loyal users who are involved in Charly Cares and who believe in what we do. We want to involve them in our ambition and successfully develop the company together!”

With crowdfunding, a large group of people - ‘the crowd’ - invests in Charly Cares, starting at €200. Charly Cares' minimum target amount is €500.000.

Xander continues: “We have chosen for this crowdfunding to take the form of a convertible loan. This gives the investor the choice to convert the loan into certificates at a later date in order to become a shareholder of Charly Cares. In our view, this is a win-win situation for both parties: we gain access to the capital we require in order to grow, and ‘the crowd’ has the opportunity to invest in a fast-growing company with great potential.”

And what are the plans for the capital you are planning on raising? Tell us more!

“Good question. We want to grow fast within the Netherlands and also improve the services we offer through our platform little by little every day. That means that we want to make Charly Cares available in new cities. We also want to expand within the cities where we are already available with the introduction of new types of services, such as homework support or childcare for children who require that little bit of extra care.”

“We also launched Charly Cares Business this year, using which an employer can reimburse the costs of a babysitter. This service has gained momentum during the corona lockdown and is now offered as a standard fringe benefit by an increasing number of companies. Our goal for 2022 is to have 75 new companies join.”

“Our big dream is to launch Charly Cares in Europe”

“And that's not all... our big dream is to launch in Europe. With the capital raised, we want to prepare Charly Cares and the team for a launch in the first European cities within 12 to 18 months.”

Xander - last question: why is a capital injection necessary?

“In order to be able to keep growing as a platform while maintaining the quality of our service, money is simply necessary. Let me give an example: if we want to launch in a new city, an investment is needed. Because you sort of start from scratch every time, as it were. Our ambition is to launch in new cities in quick succession. So yes, capital is essential at this stage.”

“Due to our large group of engaged users, we believe that now is the time to embark on this adventure together!”

Want to know more about the crowdfunding?

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