Tips for finding a reliable babysitter

Essential for every family: a reliable babysitter. Are you a Charly Cares member and have you been so far unsuccessful in finding a great Babysitting Angel? No worries, we will give you some practical tips and best practices to ensure your booking succeeds this time around. But first, we'd like to explain our app a bit more. Read on now!

Why did my babysitting service not get accepted?

On our platform, supply and demand meet. We do everything we can to connect these two sides as well as possible, but sometimes we are not 100% successful in doing so. For example, if you live in the suburbs, where there may not be as many Angels. Or if we have only recently launched in your city and the supply of Angels is not that big yet. We add new Angels to our platform weekly after an extensive screening, to meet existing demand as quickly as possible.

Our tips for ensuring your babysitting request succeeds this time

#1 Make sure your family profile is attractive

Your profile is your business card, so make sure it's complete and inviting. Before an Angel accepts a booking, they will be sure to have a look at your profile first. A nice picture of the whole family can already give a great first impression. Include a description of your family, with a bit more information regarding the kids, et voilà: your profile is ready.

#2 A clear description of the babysitting service

When creating a booking request in our app, it's important that you add a clear description so that the Angel knows what to expect. For example, clearly describe what the babysitting service will probably look like and what expectations you have. The more accessible the booking, the sooner it will succeed.

#3 Post your request to Jobboard

When creating a booking, you can select Angels yourself, meaning not all Angels near you will see your request. Always post your booking to Jobboard as well, so that all Angels near you are able to view your request. Don't worry: you're still in control of deciding who ends up babysitting for you.

#4 Be flexible

Does it not matter to you whether the Babysitting Angel comes on a Thursday or on a Friday afternoon? Clearly indicate so in the description of your request. By being flexible, the chance of a babysitter being available and your booking succeeding increases.

#5 Want to offer the babysitter something extra?

If you live on the outskirts of a city, for example, babysitters may appreciate it if you pick them up and drop them off if the booking takes place at night, or if you reimburse their transportation costs. And, in case of significant travel time, paying them an extra hour may be more than welcome. Are you willing to offer that little bit extra as an incentive? Clearly indicate so in the description of your booking and make it easier for the babysitter to accept your request!

#6 Paying the babysitter

If you choose to place your request on Jobboard, you'll be asked to indicate the maximum hourly rate you are willing to pay. Our tip: don't set it too low, because then older, more experience Angels may not respond to your request via Jobboard. Choose an honest and realistic amount.

Finding a reliable babysitter

With these tips, you'll hopefully be able to find a reliable Babysitting Angel. Don't worry if you don't find immediate success and maybe try again the following week. Seeing as we add new Angels every week, you'll probably find lots of new babysitters in the app. Not a Charly Cares member yet? Download the app and sign up! Using our tips, you're guaranteed to find a new babysitter.

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