Back to school with Charly Cares!

The summer vacation is here! Unfortunately, this great period of having fun together with the family will be over before you know it. The kids will go back to school, and you will go back to work. This means that the family calendar needs to be sorted out again. Who will pick the kids up when, what days will you be at work, and do you need outside help to make it all possible?

We’ve got your back!

Finding structural childcare can be quite challenging. Are you looking for fixed childcare for during the day or after school? Charly Cares can not (yet) function as a full replacement of regular childcare, but our reliable Babysitting Angels are able to offer you just that little bit of extra support. Curious what Charly Cares can do for you? Discover our Babysitting Angels in our app!

Success guaranteed

We try to make finding a fixed babysitter as easy as possible by offering services via our platform. However, you can also play a large role in succeeding in finding a babysitter. We would love to share our tips:

Don't start looking for a babysitter too early

Most of our Angels are students and therefore won't know their study schedules until the end of August, beginning of September. We advise that you create a request at the end of August.

Place your request on Jobboard, our interactive 'notice board'

All Angels who live near you will then receive your request, thereby increasing your reach and your chances of finding a match.

Schedule a meet & greet first

Did you know that you can now schedule a meet & greet in our app? Go to 'Find an Angel' and select 'First a meet & greet'. This way you schedule a short moment to get to know each other before sending a (fixed) booking request.


Are you looking for a babysitter for one day a week, but are you flexible about which day exactly? Indicate so in your request.

Take it easy

Have you found an Angel who would love to babysit and who fits your family? Don't schedule too many babysitting services at once. Because of their study programs, our Angels cannot plan too far in advance. Create a request for babysitting services with a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks. If everything works out, you can simply extend the request.

Build a pool...

...consisting of multiple Babysitting Angels who can support you. If a Babysitting Angel drops out or cancels (for example, because of illness or other unexpected circumstances), you will always have another Babysitting Angel to fall back on.

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