Read Babysitting Angel Afanaisa's story

Afanaisa (29) has been a Babysitting Angel in Amsterdam for two years. She babysits very often and has helped out lots of different families over the years. Before Corona appeared, she sometimes had up to 5 babysitting services a week. In other words, lots of experience. Curious about her babysitting story? Read on!

What do you like best about being a fixed babysitter for families?

‘’Before Corona broke out, I sometimes had about 5 babysitting services a week. It really was my full-time job. Because you see the family and the children so regularly, you also really bond with each other. Not just with the child, but also with the parents, which I personally really like. You automatically sense what a parent likes or dislikes. Because I babysit for the same family every week, I also really get to see the child grow up. You see them crawling, walking, and then even running. I think that is very special to experience.”

“I prefer parents who are really looking for one fixed babysitter”

“It has sometimes happened that a booking was only a one-off. I never spoke to the child or parent again after it had ended. I don't like that as much, because you don't really get the space and time to bond, as I do with my fixed babysitting families. That is why I prefer parents who are truly looking for one fixed babysitter.

By babysitting, I gain more and more confidence in myself and I constantly keep learning. For example, I am quick to recognise what is wrong with the child when he or she is crying. I take all those lessons with me and can apply them with other families too. In a way, the work itself remains highly varied and never becomes boring. Next year, I may want to start a new educational program or job, but I will certainly continue babysitting too.”

What does your day as a fixed babysitter look like?

“My day is actually quite relaxed. Eating together, playing, and, most importantly, keeping the child occupied and entertained. I recently started babysitting a new child who is currently 9 months old and who I will be seeing very often in the future. Of course, you can't do too much with such a small baby, but I already enjoy taking care of them and putting them to bed. It differs per family whether you also help out in the household. That is not the case with this family, but it is with other families.”

“I never had a parent stay home while I was babysitting”

“During the first wave of Corona, I noticed that there were almost no babysitting jobs. People were being more careful, which makes sense. Fortunately, there is currently a little more demand for babysitters and it is slowly beginning to start up again.

With my new fixed babysitting family, the mother often works from home. In the beginning, that definitely took some getting used to. I never had a parent stay at home while I was also there with the children. Because of Corona, more people are of course working from home and it is becoming increasingly ‘normal’ that you are also around at the same time. We have now found a good way to make it work and have gotten used to it. Her mother likes the fact that she can now retire to another room for a while and focus on work.”

“For me as a babysitter it's also great to really let go of everything and focus on entertaining the child”

I think doing fun things with the child is the best thing there is. You make beautiful memories together that they hopefully can look back on with a smile. Personally, I also like that I can let go of certain worries while babysitting. You are not concerned about your own things, but are focused on the child. It makes me very happy when I see that the child is having a good time.

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