The most fun babysitting job: nanny in Het Gooi!

Do you enjoy earning a little extra money as a babysitter? Need a fixed job where you can choose your own terms? Then working as a nanny at Charly Cares is perfect for you. The best families in Het Gooi will be super grateful to you. You offer parents more flexibility and the kids will make some great memories with you!

  • Work as a nanny on your terms

  • Always an income, with flexibility

  • More than just a job

Your day as a nanny in Het Gooi

In Het Gooi, you can work as a nanny in, for example, Hilversum, Laren, or Bussum. As a nanny, you babysit for the same families on a fixed basis. For example, every Wednesday afternoon when the children are free. Your babysitting day could then look something like this: you pick the kids up from school and enjoy a nice lunch together. Bake some pancakes together or have a nice picnic outside. In the afternoon, you do a fun activity together and help them with any homework they may have. At the end of the afternoon, you put a tasty and healthy meal on the table. After dinner, make sure the kids are ready for bed. Then you'll have some time to yourself: for studying, a nice movie, or just doing nothing for a bit.

I want to be a nanny!

Meet Angel Iris, nanny Naarden

‘’To me, babysitting is the best part-time job there is because I get to spend time with young children who are so creative and curious. For example, sometimes they'll want me to explain something to them. Then, the next time I come there, they'll start talking about the same thing again, I love that! It's great that you get to bond with the children you babysit often.’’

I want to be a nanny!

How you can sign up to be a nanny in Het Gooi

Are you 15 years or older and do you have:

  • Relevant babysitting experience
  • References from families for whom you've babysat before
  • A passion for children

Check? Then these are the following steps:

  • Sign up in our app

    Schedule your interview, and we'll meet to get to know each other better.

  • Complete your profile

    Add your references and a picture of yourself

  • Everything in order?

    Yes, you can start working as a nanny. Enjoy!

Being a nanny at Charly Cares means…

That you can always use the free app to search for fun babysitting services yourself. Parents can also send you a request. During every babysitting service, you are insured and you can always contact Customer Care with any questions you may have. Another benefit: we arrange your payment through the app, so that you are always paid, accurate to the minute, within 4 work days. Yes!

At Charly Cares, you can find nanny work in Blaricum and Eemnes. Or will you be a nanny in Huizen or 's-Graveland? You can start nannying anywhere in Het Gooi.

I want to be a nanny!

Ready to start working as a nanny in Het Gooi?

Yes! We look forward to meeting you. Start working as a nanny now and become an invaluable addition to the lives of fun families.

I want to be a nanny!

Frequently asked questions about nannying in Het Gooi

Do I need babysitting experience in order to become an Angel?

Yes, you will need to have at least 2 years of babysitting experience. Charly Cares always requires at least 2 references from families for whom you've babysat before.

What will my interview at Charly Cares look like?

During the interview, we would like to briefly get to know you and what type of babysitter you are, and, of course, your babysitting experience. You schedule a one-hour time slot during which we will call you. We expect you to be available during this hour. If you don't answer, we'll assume you're not interested and you won't be able to complete your application.Did you miss the call, but would still like to babysit through Charly Cares? Send us a Whatsapp.

More on the interview

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

As a Babysitting Angel, you can choose your own hourly rate. The app shows what other people of your age in your area have chosen. You can set two hourly rates: for day and evening services. You can always have a look at your hourly rate in the app under ‘Profile’ and change it whenever you want to.