Meet Angel Recruiter EmmaIn an interview with Tribes

Charly Cares screens each babysitting Angel personally at one of its screening locations. In each city, an Angel Recruiter individually screens the new Babysitting Angels. Tribes, thé company creating inspiring work places, at Utrecht Central station is one of the locations where Emma van Amerongen screens prospective Angels.

The diligent pedagogy student finds it very important that she can combine her knowledge from her studies with her job: “At Charly Cares, I can bridge the gap between my own field and that of recruitment. The knowledge I have gained during my studies has really helped me pick the real Babysitting Angels.” But it’s not only the great match between her studies and recruitment that Emma likes, she also enjoys talking to all the new Angels: “I really like organising the screenings and having conversations with the Babysitting Angels.”

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