Down to earth brandingSays founder, Laurens van Nues, of

“Down to earth branding” writes Laurens van Nues, founder of, in his new article on his sparring session with Charly van der Straten. After speaking to lots of inspiring people, Laurens decided to share their stories. Curious about the article? Read it here!

Fuss-free branding

Charly van der Straten with Laurens van Nues
Charly van der Straten with Laurens van Nues

At our head office in the heart of Amsterdam, Charly and Laurens meet. After having discussed the beginnings of Charly Cares, the conversation turns to the branding, which is highly personal. Charly says: “We are very authentic. Often, there is a search for a great story. But we simply offer a solution to a highly annoying problem. We do that with our app and our Babysitting Angels. We don’t need make it look pretty at all.” Curious about the full article?

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