Goaldiggers talkWith Charly van der Straten

The Goaldiggers Club interviews Charly Cares on her career as founder of babysitting service Charly Cares. What was actually involved in chasing after her goals with Charly Cares? Read it here!

Founder Charly van der Straten
Founder Charly van der Straten

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster

When Charly looks back on her Charly Cares adventure and reaching her goals: “entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster you get on but never get off. You should never make a decision based solely on logic or emotion. There has to be a good balance between both and you’ll have to learn how to evolve this even further.” Besides that, she has also learned to say ‘no’ more often: “by more frequently saying ‘no’, you actually say ‘yes’ to yourself.” Staying close to yourself is the most important thing to staying balanced, otherwise you won't be able take care of others.

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