Ball pit in the lobby: companies organise day-care because of teacher strikeCharly Cares helps organise the “Bring your Kids to Work Day”

15 March 2019, tens of thousand of teachers are on strike all across the country. In collaboration with Ouders van Nu, babysitting service Charly Cares is organising the “Bring your Kids to Work Day” at the Sanoma head offices. So we can help out parents and our Babysitting Angels have fun with the kids in the super large ball pit.

“Children happy, employees happy.”

Charly Cares, together with Ouders van Nu, has taken care of a total of 160 children between the ages of 4 and 12 in the Lobby of the Sanoma head offices. The director of communications at Sanoma says: “We’ ve always wanted to organise a viewing day for the children of the staff. The strike seemed like the perfect moment.”

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