Babysitter via Charly Cares Babysitting App

Trust is paramount

Offering care of other people's children through an online platform is the biggest challenge a company can take on. We also believe that ensuring a safe environment, for both parent as well as babysitter, is of the utmost importance. We continuously monitor the quality of our Babysitting Angels on behalf of the parents. We also regularly check in with our Babysitting Angels to offer them a safe environment.

The complaint policy

We take complaints extremely seriously and therefore have a dedicated complaint policy in place. Does a parent or Babysitting Angel have a complaint? We always listen to both parties. Depending on the severity of the complaint and the number of complaints, we may choose to deny users access to our platform. This applies both to Angels as well as parents. By thus enforcing a strict complaint policy, we ensure a safe environment for all users.

Meet Fleur, confidential counselor at Charly Cares

A safe environment should include a confidential counselor to whom you can (anonymously) say anything. That is why we are working with Fleur. She is not employed by Charly Cares, but is there to support our parents and Angels as an independent counselor.

“As confidential counselor, I provide help, advice, and support. Trust, reliability, and safety are all extremely important for a babysitting service; for both parents as well as the babysitter. A situation can occur where one of the parties is uncomfortable and may find it difficult to express so directly. That's where I come in, to support where possible. We discuss the situation (and the possibilities) in a confidential and informal atmosphere and try to find a solution together.”

Want to get in touch with Fleur?

Message our Support Team, they can refer you.