How do I pay the babysitter?

In our app you can book a babysitter within a few steps, but how does the payment process work? Good news: we've made it as simple as possible for you. At the end of the booking, you can choose from 3 payment methods: iDeal, cash, or automatic debit. It's up to you! Do you have a corporate babysitter? Then your employer pays with your available hours.

What happens at the end of a babysitting service?

At the start time of the booking, a timer automatically starts running in the app. At the end of the booking, when you return, you stop the timer with a single press. At that moment, the duration of the booking is recorded (down to the minute) and how much the Angel is to receive. After stopping the timer, you choose the payment method, and it's settled!

The payment methods summarized

#1 iDeal (most popular)

If you choose iDeal, you will be redirected to your bank app, and you can transfer the amount directly to us, consisting of the Angel's rate, booking fee (€1.99), and babysitter insurance (€0.095 per hour). We process the payment and ensure that the Angel has it in her account after 1 working day.

#2 Cash

If you choose the cash option, you arrange the payment with the Angel. This can be in cash, or you can choose to settle it together with, for example, a 'tikkie'. Through automatic debit, we automatically debit the booking fee (€1.99) and the babysitter insurance costs (€0.095 per hour) from your account within 2 working days.

#3 Automatic debit

Prefer automatic debit? No problem, we'll take care of it for you. Within 2 working days, we will debit the total amount (rate for the Angel, booking fee of €1.99, and babysitter insurance of €0.095 per hour) from your account. The Angel gets paid within 4 business days.

#4 Corporate babysitter, my employer pays

If you have a Corporate Babysitter and want to pay for the babysitting service with your business hours, choose 'my employer pays' after stopping the timer. The hours are then deducted, and the babysitter receives her money within 4 business days.

Frequently asked questions about payment

Can I give the Angel a tip?

Yes, you can! If you are super satisfied with the Angel and want to give something extra, you can give a tip after stopping the timer. This is then automatically added to the total amount to be paid. Even if your employer pays, you can give a tip.

What is the 'normal' hourly rate of the Angel?

Angels can determine their hourly rate on our platform. We provide them with guidelines so that they ask for a reasonable hourly rate based on age and experience. On average, hourly rates range between €8 and €15. You can find more information about the hourly rates of our Angels on this page.

What is the difference between a day and evening rate?

Angels must set two hourly rates, for both daytime and evening. Babysitting during the day is more intensive than in the evening when the children are already in bed. That's why the hourly rates for daytime babysitting are higher.