What are the costs of a babysitter at home?

Babysitting rates

What to pay a babysitter? That’s the big question for many families once they have decided to hire a babysitter. As a parent, the help of a nanny is very welcome. For a fixed moment in the week, or if you spontaneously want to leave the house. But the hourly rate of a babysitter sometimes remains a complicated issue. We are happy to give you a few guidelines. This will give you an impression of your babysitting costs at Charly Cares.

How much do you pay a Babysitting Angel?

What does a babysitter cost per hour? That depends on a number of things: age, time of babysitting, experience and place of residence play a role in determining the hourly rate. The costs for a nanny at home, such as an au pair, are also different. Our Babysitting Angels determine their own minimum and maximum hourly rate; these are between €8 and €15. Often a different hourly rate is used for babysitting during the day, compared to the evening. After all, babysitting is just a bit more intensive during the day than at night when the kids are in bed.

Babysitting rates
Babysitter and the kid

Average babysitting rate by age

Nibud provides a guideline for the babysitting rate, which is aimed at the minimum wage. They also indicate that the hourly rate is determined by several factors. For example, how many children must be cared for, what is the age of the babysitter and the child, what time is the babysitting time, how much experience does the babysitter have and what is expected of her? Our Babysitting Angels determine their own hourly rate. In the table below you will find an overview of the average babysitting price per hour and age.

Babysitting rates
Table 1. Babysitting rates
AgeDay rateNight rate
Babysitting rate 16 years€7,-€6,50
Babysitting rate 17 years€8,50€8,50
Babysitting rate 18 years€8,50€8,50
Babysitting rate 19 years€9,-€8,50
Babysitting rate 20 years€9,-€8,50
Babysitting rate 21 years and up€11,-€10,50

Average babysitting rates per type

We believe it is important to unburden parents when it is most necessary for them. That is why you will find different types of Babysitting Angels at Charly Cares. From a babysitter for a fixed time of the week to a flexible babysitter for a sports appointment or a night out. There are Babysitting Angels with extra baby experience and for an after-school and holiday babysitter you have also come to the right place.

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With our babysitting service you can quickly and easily find a reliable babysitter. We personally get to know each Babysitting Angel. You can arrange everything from A to Z in the handy babysitting app; you book a Babysitting Angel, assess the babysitting service and pay the corresponding hourly rate. Our Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to help where necessary. We also offer babysitting insurance that covers you in the event of any damage caused during the babysitting service.

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You pay €13.99 for a membership with Charly Cares, with a €1.99 service fee per booking. You can use the app as often and for as long as you want. You can also contact us with questions, for help, we provide a replacement in case of illness and you are always insured.

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Frequently asked questions about the babysitting rates at Charly Cares

What is the policy regarding the Angel's travel expenses?

Charly Cares has no set policy regarding travel expenses. Parents and Angels can discuss this privately.

Are there any booking costs?

Depending on the type of membership you've chosen, there may be a booking fee. You can find an overview of all costs on the following page.

By charging this booking fee, we are able to ensure that the Angel is insured for material damage during the babysitting service. In many cases, a regular liability insurance does not cover damage sustained during a babysitting service. The fee also ensures we can offer online payments as well as a Customer Care Team that is there to support you 24/7.

How do I pay the Angel if my employer is paying for the booking?

Once the babysitting service has ended, simply stop the timer in the app. You will then be able to choose who pays for the babysitting service. If your employer has agreed to pay, choose the option: Your employer. The details of the babysitting service will then be shared with the employer. Does it concern a private babysitting service? Choose: I am. In that case, the payment will be deducted from your own bank account.