5 reasons why a fixed babysitting service is so great

What exactly is fixed babysitting? And why is becoming increasingly popular? Below, we’ll explain everything about fixed babysitting and give you five reasons why it is so great.

#1 You know what to expect during your babysitting services

While babysitting, you’ll know exactly where everything is, you’ll know your way around the neighbourhood, and you’ll know what the kids need. You’ll be there very often, so you’ll know what is expected of you. On the other hand, the kids will also know what to expect when it comes to you.

#2 Bond with the kids

How the bedtime-routine goes for the kids, where you should pick them up from school, or what you can do to really make their day? You know it all! It’s good to really get a feel for the routines and needs of the kids. And how great is it to get attached to the kids (and they to you!).

#3 Really mean something to the family

How great is it to be able to help the parents out when they have an unexpected work appointment? Or to let the parents have a night off or a date night! The parents will be able to leave comfortably knowing you’ll be there to take care of the kids.

#4 Grow along with the kids

As a family’s fixed babysitter, you’ll get to see the kids during all kinds of different phases. You’ll watch them grow and develop. As a babysitter, this is truly amazing to experience, you can really be proud of the kids you babysit!

#5 Fixed earnings

Because you indicate in the app when you want to babysit on a fixed basis, you’ll only receive bookings from the family when you really can babysit, so you’ll never have to disappoint parents again because you’re unavailable. Because the bookings are scheduled quite some time in advance, you’ll also already know how much you’ll earn, great!

Want to become a fixed babysitter?

Yes, great! Indicate so under your babysitting preferences or have a look at the Jobfinder under ‘fixed’. Before you know it, you’ll have scored a fixed babysitting service!

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