Meet Babysitting Angel Fleur

Fleur has been babysitting for different families since she was 15. In 2019, she signed up to become a babysitter for Charly Cares. She is currently studying psychology and is almost in her third year. In her free time, she likes to exercise and meet up with her friends.

Why do you like babysitting so much?

“When I moved to Leiden, I didn’t have any new babysitting addresses. That’s why it was so perfect that, through CC, I found new babysitting addresses. Other than that, I really like spending time with kids. I especially enjoy the little moments, for example, when I pick the kids up from school and they run towards me all excited. That really makes my day.”

What do you like about babysitting on a fixed basis for the same family?

“I really enjoy babysitting children older than four because they get smarter each time I see them. They can always do so much more than the last time, and I love seeing that progress. Other than that, I like being really ‘needed’.”

Do you prefer babysitting during the daytime or at night, and why?

“I prefer babysitting at the end of the afternoon until early evening. That way, you really have a goal when babysitting. For example, I’ll first pick them up from school and then we cook together. I really love the conversations I have with the kids, they’re always so fun!”

What has been your greatest babysitting experience?

“I especially enjoy those little, fun moments with the children. It’s so sweet when they explain things to me or show me how fast they can read this time around. I love seeing their growth..”

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