Sanne, an experienced Angel!

Have you met Babysitting Angel Sanne yet? Sanne is 23 years old, lives in Utrecht, and has just finished her bachelors in Psychology. About 10 years ago, Sanne started babysitting. Now that she has some more free time due to the COVID-19 crisis, Charly Cares has been a real lifesaver. Because.... Sanne loves babysitting!

“Children are such a huge source of joy, especially in these crazy times”

To Sanne, children have always been a passion; she even managed to incorporate this into her studies by specialising in children and youth. With Sanne, the kids usually feel at ease very quickly and barely panic when mom and dad leave the house.

So, how does she do it?

“I always make sure to ask the parents if they can roughly describe the children's routine, because the less you as a babysitter deviate from the usual routine, the easier babysitting gets!”

“The best thing about babysitting to me is that, when you're with a family for a longer period of time, you really get to know the children! And, even more important, they get to know you too!”

Babysitting babies

Sanne has experience with babysitting babies. Her favourite thing when babysitting newborns is that, when she sees the kids more often, they start to recognise her and feel comfortable with her. From there, she'll evaluate per child how they respond to certain things so as to really create a bond.

“It's so incredibly sweet when children really trust you!”

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