These parents book a Business BabysitterRead all about their experiences

Over 80 companies make use of a Charly Cares Business Babysitter. So they support their working parents with a babysitter at home for those moments it really matters. And that is invaluable for the lives of many families. We talked to a number of parents who book a Business Babysitter. Meet: Sybe, Zara and Femke.

Meet the parents!

Sybe: he lives in Utrecht with his wife and 3 sons. His employer Deloitte enables him to book a Business Babysitter.

Zara: lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend. Together hey have 1.5 year old son. Her employer De Balie provides them with a Business Babysitter since their son was 6 months old.

Femke: mother of 2 kids (10 and 8 years) and lives together with her partner in Haarlem. She uses a Business Babysitter for about 3 months now.

What does a Business Babysitter mean for you and your family?

Femke: “It gives me a lot of peace of mind to always have a safety net of babysitters to fall back on when regular childcare is a challenge. With the flexibility of Charly Cares, there is always a babysitter available.”

When and where do you use a Business Babysitter?

Sybe: “We use Charly Cares Business because of its flexibility. For example, when our After School Care is cancelled for a day, or if I (or my wife) have an important work meeting on our day off.”

Zara: “I use Charly Cares Business when I have to work, but at the same time have to care for our son. The other day, on a day off, I had to suddenly take over an important presentation at the office. Our Angel really saved me that day! A Business Babysitter is such a stress reliever, especially because I often work in the evenings and my boyfriend also works in the evening. Regular childcare is not available at those moments.”

What do you think of the Charly Cares' Angels?

Sybe: “We are really satisfied with the Angels. They are social, good with children and always on time. Our Angels are often students who babysit as a part-time job and live nearby. We also have one Angel who has a gap year.”

“Of course, in the beginning, it takes some time to getting to know each other, get used to an unfamiliar face at home and having them babysit your kids. That is why we always plan an introduction the evening before the booking. We drink a cup of coffee and get to know each other. It gives us more certainty if you know the babysitter already. We have now built up a pool of Angels, so we always have the same familiar faces coming over.”

Femke: “My tip to other parents: make sure you create a pool of about 6 favourite Angels. I have them now, so I always have the same girls coming over. It works really well for us and I always have a familiar babysitter.”

"It is a great thought Charly Cares personally checks every Angel"

Zara: “The Angels are really caring! Especially when my son was very young (about 7 months), it was a big thing for me to book someone for the first time. Fortunately the reviews of other families in the Angels' profiles really help. And it is a great thought Charly Cares personally checks every Angel.

Currently I have found a great Angel: Nathalie. A super fun and relaxed girl and she studies Pedagogy. Especially when our son was still a baby, it was very nice to know she has this background.

It took a while before we had found Nathalie. Before we found her, we had several Angels coming over. That was quite intensive, because you have to explain everything. It is great having someone who can come more often."

What would you like to tell other parents or employers about a Business Babysitter?

Sybe: “A Business Babysitter is really flexible and really relieves us as a family. When colleagues struggle with childcare, I recommend them to immediately start with Charly Cares Business. Ideal to fill the gaps in childcare, and because of this our family life keeps on going. Really perfect this has been arranged for us, I would recommend this to everyone.”

Femke: "Just to it, it is such a godsend! Experience it yourself and build up that pool, that works really wel."

Do you want a Business Babysitter just like Sybe, Zara and Femke?

If your employer starts with a Business Babysitter you will receive €100 babysitting credit.* So raise this with your employer or contact us via

*Please note: only valid for companies with multiple working parents.