A business babysitter? "Make 100% use of it!"

In our previous blog you could read about Sybe, Zara and Femke. They enjoy using a company babysitter through their employer. But they're not the only ones... This week, we got in touch with Caroline, Radjnie and Mathilde to talk about their experience.

Let us introduce you to...

Caroline: lives in Haarlem, together with her husband and 4 children: 1 girl and 3 boys. Busy busy! A business babysitter through her employer Van Doorne is therefore very welcome.

Radjnie: this mother of two from Rotterdam uses a babysitter from Deloitte, her partner's employer. It is a real stress reliever in the family!

Mathilde: from Haarlem & Rotterdam to Utrecht! This is where Mathilde lives with her husband and 2 daughters. Her employer also offers her a business babysitter.

When and why do you use a business babysitter?

Caroline and her family
Caroline and her family

Caroline: “A business babysitter is very valuable to us. We have a daytime babysitter weekly through Charly Cares. She picks up the kids from school and has dinner with them. We are always running around on those days and are home at varying times, so a flexible babysitter is really a godsend for us!”

Mathilde: "Charly Cares Business gives us more freedom and flexibility. Our daycare sometimes has to close for a day due to staff shortages. At those times I book our business babysitter. But also, for example, when I have an important work appointment on my day off that I can't reschedule."

What does a business babysitter mean to you?

Radjnie: “A business babysitter is the best thing for us. During corona we started it and just wanted to tried it out. Because it worked out so well, we continued after corona.

Our oldest daughter goes to school and the youngest still stays at home. Because the waiting lists for daycare centers in the neighbourhood are so long, we decided to arrange childcare with a babysitter at home. Truly a life-saver! The nanny Angel looks after the youngest during the day and the oldest in the afternoon when she gets out of school. This way she does not have an extra long day with school and after-school care, ideal.”

What do you think of Charly Cares' Angels?

Caroline: “We like all the Angels we have had so far, they are often students. During the day they are always busy with our kids: bringing and picking them up to sports class, baking cookies, picking up the youngest from daycare or eating dinner together. We often get home around 6:30 and then the kids have already eaten. Very nice!”

Radjnie: “At first I found it difficult to find the right Angel because there are so many of them. So I contacted the Customer Care team at Charly Cares. They gave me the tip to filter by certain skills. I then searched for Angels with Pedagogy experience. This reduced the list of Angels and now I have found someone with great experience who is very good with children. She is such a nice babysitter, we book her a lot now.”

What persuaded you to book a babysitter through Charly Cares?

Mathilde: “I always check out the Angels' profiles extensively, so it is very nice that there is a comprehensive profile description, including all qualifications. For example, for our youngest it is a requirement that an Angel has baby experience. I also tune things up via chat prior to a babysitting service, so you quickly know what to expect."

Caroline's kids
Caroline's kids

What would you like to say to other working parents or companies about this benefit?

Caroline: "This benefit is very generous, but at the same time more than needed. It's amazing that my employer thinks along and takes into account all the changes for young parents and the costs involved. I experience that as very valuable.

To all parents: if you are offered a business babysitter, make 100% use of it. I can really recommend it to everyone."

Mathilde: “For all the parents out there: if your employer doesn't offer this, I would absolutely request it. It gives so much peace of mind and flexibility, which is so important. For employers, this is a small investment in the well-being of your employees, so just do it!”

A business babysitter, something for you too?

If your employer starts with a Business Babysitter you will receive €100 babysitting credit.* So raise this with your employer or contact us via business@charlycares.com.

*Please note: only valid for companies with multiple working parents.