The story of … Angel Nannette

Next to her studies in nursing, Babysitting Angel Nannette (20) regularly babysits through Charly Cares. Read why she thinks babysitting is the best job there is: “My job is not babysitting people; my job is focusing on forming the best bond I possibly can.”

Oppassen is iets wat ik nooit als werk heb gezien. Voor mij voelt het alsof ik even alles wat om mij heen afspeelt in het leven, kan laten liggen. Deze 3 geweldige kids waren één van mijn eerste oppasadressen bij Charly Cares. Al heb ik altijd heel erg van baby’s gehouden & focus ik mij daar ook het meeste op, gaven deze kids mij toch zo’n goed gevoel.

All three of them are old enough to do things on their own, but that’s why it brings me so much joy to be with them. Their happy faces when I wait for them at school or when I surprise them with something. Such a feeling of homecoming when you come by their house.

Watching videos together, cycling to football practice or dance, making a mess of the kitchen while cooking, the small voice at night asking for a story or a hug, seeing their faces when they open the door & see you there. It’s completely worth it, even when taking into account the dilemmas you are sometimes faced with.

I’m also always very grateful that parents entrust their children to me. I think this job is wonderful. Each child has something unique and special. Each time I babysit, I learn something new. Each time I know I have to babysit, no matter the time, I find myself looking forward to it.

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