This is how Bente sailed the world with her babysitting family

Meet Babysitting Angel Bente! A busy bee and a real go-getter. After her studies, she immediately got to work and also regularly babysits through Charly Cares. In the summer of 2018, she received a last-minute request to babysit for a new family. Babysitting on a boat? Why not!

The Hensen family
At her arrival, she met Cassandra and Paul, the parents of Katy, Victor and Lucas. A family that would stay in the Netherlands for another three weeks before embarking on their world tour. After the parents came back from dinner, Bente staid for a drink. A week later, she received another booking to babysit for the family.

The second babysitting service
After the second babysitting service, Bente told Paul and Cassandra that, unexpectedly, her new project fell through. This meant she would be without work for quite some time. To which Paul immediately responded with “Why don’t you join us?”. Bente didn’t really know how to respond, but when it turned out to be a serious question, she said yes.

Easy said, easy done
Bente sailed the world with the family. In the beginning, it took quite some getting used to, because you’re on a boat, never alone and with zero privacy. But despite the fact that Bente didn’t know the family that well beforehand, they quickly began to feel like family. She also started to really love the kids. From catching 1.40 meter large fish together to a new year's swim in the Atlantic. It was a trip filled with adventure!

Home sweet home
Back in the Netherlands with a passport filled with stamps (32 countries later), Bente is planning on sticking around for the foreseeable future. She is looking forward to December, though, the moment the family will be back in the Netherlands and she can hug the kids again. Because, secretly, she already misses them. It was a beautiful and special experience!

Are you the next Angel going on a trip around the world?
At the moment, the family is still sailing around the world. Are you their next catch? Follow them on instagram or watch the vlogs on youtube.