3 ideas for a personal Christmas card

Craft Christmas card together with kids

Especially this year, sending a personal message the old-fashioned way can be a nice gesture. For the people you love or for the lonely elderly. How great would it be to spend the afternoon doing some arts and crafts with your (babysitting) kids? We have listed 3 great tips with which you can create the most beautiful Christmas cards... Read on now!

Craft your own Christmas cards

Decorating the envelop of the Christmas Chard cheerfully

Dust off your crafting supplies! Decorating your own Christmas card together with your (babysitting) kids is super fun. Nothing is too crazy; glitter, markers, stickers, anything goes. At stores like Action or Hema, you can find all the supplies you need to make a beautiful Christmas card. Look up some create DIY Christmas cards via Pinterest and try to copy them together with the kids. Don't forget to decorate the envelope too!

Tip: You can find many twigs in the forest, which you can stick to your card for that true, authentic Christmas feeling. Have fun crafting!

Personal message

Christmas also means thinking about others. Unfortunately, there are many lonely seniors who do not receive a personal Christmas card. How nice would it be if you and your (babysitting) kids brighten up their holiday season? Deliver a Christmas card to the letterbox of a care or retirement home. Write a poem or rhyme, and make their holiday that much more special when they receive your home-made card.

Christmas photo challenge

A photo with the family can make for a super personal Christmas card. This can, of course, be a photo of a beautiful memory, but it can also be great fun to take a true Christmas picture with the whole family. Don't worry, you won't have to buy a professional photo camera or anything, simply use your phone. Look for a nice place around the house, for example near the Christmas tree. Wear a nice Christmas outfit, a Christmas sweater, or a Santa hat. Put your phone on a timer and come up with a nice setup. Ready? 3-2-1, say: Merry Christmas!

Happy family celebrates Christmas by the Christmas tree

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