Ratings & reviews: how do I improve my rating?

Honesty and transparency are very important at Charly Cares. That's why both families and Angels can give each other a rating after babysitting. That's great for you when you see a new family in the app. But your rating is also important for parents, as it can show them that you are reliable or proactive.

Families rate you based on 5 different topics. Are you curious about how to improve your rating? We would like to give you some tips.

Feel comfortable to leave

  • Parents leave their children behind with a good feeling if they feel that you're clear on the intention for the babysitting service
  • Arrive on time, so the parent has time to explain things to you
  • Ask questions proactively, such as bedtime, allergies, rules in the house and what the children like to do

Interaction with kids

  • When you arrive, try to give some attention to the children right away. For example, ask them to show you their room or favourite toys.
  • Don't sit on the phone too much and don't just watch television with the children: they like it when you put energy into them. Make it a fun day/evening!

Sticks to agreements

  • Arrive on time: the parent probably has an appointment to go to
  • Respect the children's bedtime
  • Pay attention to the children's screen time (television, iPad, etc.)

Clear communication

  • Give parents an update halfway through the babysitting service. For example, when the children are asleep, when they have eaten or when you have played outside. This makes them feel good and familiar!
  • Afterwards, tell them if anything out of the ordinary happened

Proactive attitude

  • Try to think of something fun to do during the babysitting service (together with the kids)
  • Update the parents every now and then
  • Express your expectations or ask if something is not clear
  • Before the babysitting service starts, send a message to the parents that you're excited to come babysit