Charly on her dream job!

For the VIVA400-women, Charly van der Straten was nominated together with 399 other inspiring, ambitious women for a chance to win at the one and only VIVA400-awards! Viva interviews Charly on her dream job as founder of the Babysitting App Charly Cares.

It’s hard work for an entrepreneur, when you’re thinking about your company 24/7, but Charly gets much energy from it as well: ‘Solving problems, commercial thinking, caring. It’s an outlet for all my energy, ideas and creativity.’ A dream job, that’s for sure! But how do you find that dream job? ‘Don’t go on a pragmatic search for that one dream job. Don’t see unfinished degrees or lesser jobs as failures, but as steps to help you get where you need to be in the end.’

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