The FD on Charly Cares' new crowdfunding campaign

The new Charly Cares crowdfunding has started this week. With this financing project, the reliable babysitting service will attempt to break even next year and realise an international expansion to London.

Charly Cares goes crowdfunding

Charlotte van der Straten. Photo: Mark Horn for Het FD
Charlotte van der Straten. Photo: Mark Horn for Het FD

The story of Charly (founder of Charly Cares) started with the babysitting service she founded as a student. This quickly "got out of hand", according to Charly. Before she knew it, she had over 50 families she had to find a babysitter for. The babysitting service ground to a halt when Charly got offered a job at a headhunting agency.

A couple of years later, Charly, together with her business partner Xander Koenen, decided to start the babysitting service up again. This time with a strong concept developed with an eye on current digital developments. Think of features of, Parkmobile, and Airbnb. This ultimately culminated in the reliable babysitting service we know today: Charly Cares.

In the last two years, Charly and Xander have reached out to investors multiple times to help further expand Charly Cares. This time, however, the two founders have opted for a different approach, namely crowdfunding. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise a minimum of €300.000,- in order to break even. If they manage to reach €500.000,-, the babysitting service will make a step towards an international expansion (London).

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