“Make it possible for employers to receive their data and strengthen their position on the labor market”.

In response to this idea, 5 online platforms within the gig-economy will start an experiment in January: Klus CV.

In this way, people who work through a platform can show future employers how much and where they have gained work experience.

A collaboration of 5 online platforms: Charly Cares, Helpling, Level Works, Roamler en Young Ones, based on an idea of Martijn Arets.

Providing Angels with a printout of their data fits perfectly with the company philosophy, according to Charly: “It offers transparency, one of our believes. Offering a ‘Klus CV’ can result in big next steps for our babysitters. At daycare centers they are now eager for people, it would be great if we became a springboard towards jobs in that sector.”

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