Founder Charly as ambassador of the Joke Smitprijs

Founder Charly is ambassador of the Joke Smitprijs: a price that will be awarded on the 8th of December 2021 to someone who is committed to improving the position of women in society. In an interview, Charly shares her opinion on the position of working pregnant women and new mothers:

"The impact of pregnancy in the workplace is not yet considered enough in the Netherlands. Some women are nauseous for weeks - or even months. In addition, I find having to work full-time up until a month before the delivery to be inhumane and would like to argue for phasing out the working week towards the end of a pregnancy. As an employer, I also see the benefits of this suggestion. Fewer available hours, but working effectively, instead of an employee who is just 'waiting out' those last three months."

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