Emerce on finding a fixed babysitter through Charly CaresThrough the new app, you can book a fixed babysitter even more easily!

“In 2019, they expect to process over 80.000 requests just for fixed babysitting services.” Writes Emerce about Babysitting App Charly Cares. To properly process these babysitting serves, Charly Cares is launching her brand new Babysitting App today.

Founder Charly sees an upcoming trend amongst parents. Where parents used to prefer after-school care, over the last couple of years, parents seem to increasingly make the choice for a fixed babysitter to look after their little ones. “During the first year that Charly Cares was live, 4% of our bookings consisted of fixed babysitting services. In 2018, this increased to 27%, and in 2019 this will further increase to 32.5% of total business.” Yes, the Fixed Babysitting Angels are being booked massively. Luckily, the app has a new feature: “The Babysitting Angels can now actively look for a fixed babysitting service through the “jobfinder”, a sort of bulletin board upon which pending babysitting services are displayed.”

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