Charly Cares: a great solution for citymomsCitymom blogs about how Babysitting App Charly Cares responds to the needs of citymoms

Founder of CITYMOM Bettina Neseker tells all about her experiences with Babysitting App Charly Cares. She writes about the need that she, as a citymom, has for a large network full of fun and reliable babysitters. Through the app from babysitting service Charly Cares, this can be super easy. With one press of the button, you have a great babysitter for each situation, even ones who are available at the last minute!

Bettina describes what she likes about Charly Cares: the personal screening of the Babysitting Angels, the transparent rating system, the ease of use and the different functions, such as booking a fixed babysitter, amongst other things, come up.

Read more about her experiences with Charly Cares here.

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