New update: travel compensation!

Good news for our parents and/or Angels who live just outside of a city: we added the option to add a travel compensation to a job listing. What does it mean? We'll explain!

For parents

Do you live outside of the city? If there's not a lot of Angels showing up in your app, we have some good news. You can now add your booking to Jobboard and add a travel compensation to make your request more attractive for Angels. Fill in a reasonable compensation, that covers the cost of any sort of travel. Angels will see this when they click on your booking. This way, there's a higher chance of success. Our Babysitting Angels can also request a travel compensation themselves when they put in an offer for your Jobboard request. You can accept or decline this travel compensation request.

For Angels

Do you see a suitable request on Jobboard, but it's a bit too far away to cycle to? Or is it a late booking and you'd rather not go home by yourself at this time? You can now request a travel compensation for bookings on Jobboard (for bookings further than a 30 minute bike ride) when you respond to the request. Parents can either accept or decline your offer, so make sure it's reasonable. It's also possible that the parents added a travel compensation already. When you accept the booking, you agree to this extra benefit.

Frequently asked questions about travel expenses

In what bookings can I expect travel expenses for an Angel?

Do you live further away from a city and see few Angels when you make a booking? Then you can add a travel fee when you post your booking on Jobboard. This makes the booking a lot more attractive to an Angel who lives a little further away. The Angel sees the reimbursement right away with your request.

As an Angel, how do I know if a booking includes travel expenses?

For a booking in Jobboard that is further away, parents can already add a travel allowance. You can see this by the car icon. When you add yourself to the booking, you agree to this.

As an Angel, how can I request a travel allowance?

You can request an allowance when booking on Jobboard. You can add this when you add yourself to the booking. Make sure the reimbursement is reasonable, a parent will take this into consideration when making a decision.