Home tutoring

An Angel at Charly Cares is not just any babysitter. Many Babysitting Angels are eager to provide tutoring. Our tutoring services cover both primary school support and high school subjects. You can identify these Angels by the special icon in their profile. So, does your child need tutoring? Our Angels will help you out!

Home tutoring

Benefits of a tutor providing home tutoring

  • ​Individual attention

    Home tutoring means that your child receives full attention from our Angel! This will enhance the learning experience.

  • A familiar face

    Having the same Angel consistently creates a comfortable and familiar learning environment for your child

  • Flexibility

    Our Angel can adapt to your children's specific needs and schedule, creating flexible learning opportunities.

Tutoring for primary school

Our Angels are ready to provide tutoring to children of various ages in primary school. They can help with various subjects such as math and spelling for different grade levels in elementary school.

Home tutoring

Tutoring for high school

Our Angels can also provide tutoring at various levels and in different subjects for high school students. Whether it's STEM subjects like math and physics or humanities subjects like history and languages.

Examples of Subjects:

STEM subjects: math tutoring, physics tutoring, chemistry tutoring, biology tutoring

Humanities subjects: Dutch tutoring, English tutoring, economics tutoring, history tutoring

Our Angels

Lisa, Pabo student

"I'm a student at the Pabo and I love combining my studies with my babysitting work. I really enjoy helping children with their schoolwork and seeing them truly understand it...

Lisa's skills: empathetic, patient and a Pabo student

Jasmijn, Pedagogy student

"I don't see tutoring as just explaining school subjects. I help children understand the underlying concepts of what they're learning. I personally believe that every challenge is an opportunity for children to grow."

Jasmijn's skills: positive, finds satisfaction in children's growth

Emma, Phsysics student

"I've been studying physics for 2 years now. Since high school, I've been providing tutoring in math and physics. Many high school students struggle with these subjects, so I really enjoy helping them."

Emma's skills: patient, physics student, good at math

How to book an Angel

  1. Sign up with Charly Cares and create a family profile
  2. Book an Angel with the 'Tutoring' icon in their profile and specify that it's for tutoring in your request.
  3. Share the study materials in advance through the app's chat, such as with photos. This way, the Angel can prepare in advance.
  4. Make clear agreements with the kids and the Angel and discuss expectations in advance.
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Quality and reliability are our top priorities

That's why we personally check our Babysitting Angels and conduct a double reference check. Parents also provide a rating and review after each booking, which is always visible to other parents, and we continuously monitor them. This way, we can ensure quality and reliability.

Tutoring reviews

"Laura helped my daughter with math and was very patient. Thanks to her, my daughter now understands it and feels more confident about her test."

"Emma's friendly approach made English easier to understand for my son!"

"Jaimy helped my children with their homework. She stayed calm and helped my children concentrate."

Frequently asked questions about tutoring

What does tutoring via Charly Cares entail?

Charly Cares offers parents the opportunity to provide their children with additional support and guidance with schoolwork. Tutoring via Charly Cares allows children to receive assistance with subjects from both primary and secondary school. The aim of tutoring via Charly Cares is to provide children with individual attention and enhance their learning experience.

How does tutoring via Charly Cares work?

Tutoring via Charly Cares is easy to arrange. Families can book a tutor, causing only Angels with the 'Tutoring' icon to appear in their profiles. Prior to the tutoring session, study materials and any specific learning goals can be shared with the Angel through the chat feature in the Charly Cares app. This way, the Angel can prepare for the tutoring session. It is also important to discuss expectations with the Angel in advance to ensure a smooth tutoring experience.

How much does a Tutoring Angel cost?

The hourly rate for a Tutoring Angel is specified in the Angel's profile in the Charly Cares app. The costs vary among Angels. Of course, you provide guidelines for your desired hourly rate in advance, allowing you to have control over the costs.