Babysitter goes out with her babysitter in the cargo bike

Treat yourself to a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel

Are you looking for a new babysitter for after-school care or a spontaneous date night? Charly Cares offers a reliable babysitter for every moment. Let yourself be unburdened by one of the Charly Cares Babysitting Angels!

Meet your Babysitting Angel

Are you using the app for the first time and find it quite exciting? Of course, the first time might take some getting used to. The Angel profiles are extensive and include a picture, sometimes a video, and an extensive personal profile. So that you can get a good first impression of the babysitter. Our parents often find it pleasant to build up contact with their Babysitting Angel step by step. Meet an hour in advance, so you can get to know each other and possibly go through instructions. So that you can leave the house comfortably.

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Personally interviewed

Great that you’ve finally found someone. But what about the trustworthiness of the Charly Cares Babysitting Angels? Not every babysitter gets to be an Angel. A babysitter could, for example, not have sufficient experience or not be able to provide any references. Trustworthiness is paramount at Charly Cares. Each babysitter has to meet our requirements. That’s we have a strict selection procedure. Sounds intense, but by having a strict personal interview, we can see if the babysitter has what it takes.

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Your babysitter pool

Charly Cares matches your profile with several Flexible Babysitting Angels. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which babysitter fits your family the best. It could be that you have multiple favourites. That’s great! That way, you will always have a backup babysitter.

Multiple favourite Babysitting Angels? That’s great, because your favourites are automatically added to your babysitter pool once you’ve given the babysitter a good rating. So that you are ensured a flexible babysitter. And… What’s also great about this, is that you don’t have to deal with ever-changing, unfamiliar faces, and that the babysitter can really bond with your child(ren).

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I want to meet the Angel beforehand. How do I arrange that?

Sure! Create a booking for the time you actually need a babysitter. After an Angel has accepted the booking, you can agree to meet through the chat or you can call the Angel directly. If you would prefer to meet in person, you can create a short, two-hour booking to get to know each other.

Can the booking service last longer or shorter than planned, for example if I'm home earlier or later?

Yes! After you have stopped the timer, you will see a screen with an overview of the babysitting service. Simply change the times by clicking on them, as well as potentially adding a tip. In the same screen, you will need to rate and review the Angel. After doing so, click on the button at the bottom of the screen to confirm your changes. When changing the times, make sure they are as accurate as possible. Want to come home later than planned? No problem, but make sure to discuss this with the Babysitting Angel.