Ratings & reviews: Angels can now also rate families

Honesty and transparency are very important at Charly Cares. This also means that we want to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for our Angels. Therefore, Angels are now able to give parents a rating after a babysitting service as well as the other way around. This rating can always be found in your family profile and is visible to all other Angels.

Angels complete the rating based on 5 different topics. Wondering how you can keep improving your rating? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Safe working environment

  • When the Angel arrives, show the babysitter around the house and where to find everything such as food or drinks for the kids and/or babysitter herself, the bedroom(s) and any supplies such as diapers, wipes and clothing.
  • Make sure it is somewhat tidy. The babysitter will of course understand if there are some toys lying around, as after all there are children living there ;-)

I feel at ease

  • Welcome the Angel and tell more about yourself and your family
  • Let the babysitter know what they can use in terms of food and drinks and let them know if they, for example, can watch television

Clear communication

  • What are your expectations of the babysitter and the babysitting service? For example, inform them about the children's routines, what they can eat or drink and what you expect the babysitter to do with the children.
  • Get in touch in advance in the chat so you can talk a bit about what the babysitting service will look like.

Realistic tasks

  • Let the babysitter know in advance, via chat or in the booking description, what you expect from them during the babysitting service
  • Are there things you expect that are less obvious? Clarify these in advance, so the babysitter will not be surprised

Sticks to agreements

  • Is your appointment or date night going to run late? Or will you be home earlier? Let the babysitter know in time and ask if this is okay. They may have something else planned after the babysitting shift or are counting on the babysitting wage.