A gift wrapped for the holidays: babysitter gift card from Charly Cares

The perfect gift for the holidays!

Give a Babysitter Gift Card with babysitting credit! Because every parent deserves some time off now and then. Give them some well-deserved me time!

  • Available in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven & Leiden

  • Choose the value of the Gift Card (€10 - €500)

  • You’ll receive the order within 4 work days (through email or by post)

What does Charly Cares mean for parents?

  • Personally screened Babysitting Angels

    With babysitting, everything revolves around trust. That’s why all Babysitting Angels are screened at one of our screening locations before they are added to the Babysitting App.

  • Babysitting Angels for every moment

    We have a suitable Babysitting Angel for every moment. In the app, you can book a fixed, after-school, flexible, or last minute Angel with ease.

  • Ratings and reviews

    To safeguard quality, the Babysitting Angels are rated after each babysitting service. Parents can also always leave a review.

The perfect gift for every parent

Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? Moms & dads will love this: a Babysitter Gift Card with babysitting credit. With this credit, they will always be able find a reliable Babysitting Angel in their neighbourhood through our Babysitting App.

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Fotographer: Marilyn Bartman
Fotographer: Marilyn Bartman

Meet Suppermommy Florine Duif

“Easy peasy! You download the app, indicate your preferences (type of babysitter, dates, special wishes etc.) & you get a match! Every Babysitting Angel also comes with a star rating, that all parents have to give & you can create your own babysitting poule with your favourite babysitters. So you can feel free to do your own thing as a parent.”

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Put together the Gift Card

    Choose how much babysitting credit you want to give. Tip: have the Babysitter Gift Card sent through post (+ €2,95)! You’ll receive the Gift Card at home.

  • Step 2: Shipment

    After placing your order, you’ll receive the Gift Card in four work days (through email or by post).

  • Step 3: Surprise!

    Surprise the parent with your gift. These supermoms & dads can immediately use the credit given.

Tip: Have the Babysitter Gift Card wrapped!

Want to treat your favourite parent? Have your gift wrapped for €2,95! You’ll receive the babysitting credit in the form of a physical Gift Card.

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Order the Babysitter Gift Card

Put together your Gift Card(s) and order your Gift Card, so it’ll arrive in time for the holidays!

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What are the terms and conditions of the Babysitter Gift Card?

The Gift Card is only valid in the Netherlands for purchasing babysitting credit. The babysitting credit can be issued through the Charly Cares Babysitting App or www.charlycares.com for the (partial) payment of a Babysitting Angel, until the card’s credit has been used up and/or until 1 years after the date of issue of the card. The issue date is the date that the Gift Card has been sent by email or as part of the Gift Card package.

After the expiry date, the Gift Card can no longer be extended or used. Any unused balance cannot be claimed. The balance of the Gift Card will not be paid out and cannot be exchanged for money. The Gift Card is a bearer payment method.

Only the holder is in custody of the Gift Card. The Gift Card will not be replaced in the event of theft, loss, or damage. When purchasing/using the Gift Card, you fully agree to the terms and conditions which were made known to the customer with the purchase of the Gift Card and can also be viewed on www.charlycares.com.

Can I have the Babysitter Gift Card sent to someone?

You can have the Gift Card sent to someone directly by post. So that your gift is immediately delivered to the right recipient. Make sure to enter a delivery address that's different from the billing address during the order process.

What is the minimum order value of a Babysitter Gift Card?

The minimum orde value of a Babysitter Gift card is €10,-. The maximum value that can be put on the card is €500,-.

How long is the Babysitter Gift Card valid for?

The Gift Card is valid for 1 year after the date of issue. The date of issue is the date that the Babysitter Gift Card has been sent by either email or post. After the expiry date, the gift card can no longer be used or extended.

Does the balance of the Babysitter Gift Card have to be spent in one go?

Parents can use the Babysitter Gift Card multiple time. The total balance of the gift card does not have to be spent in one go. If there is any credit left after a booking, it will automatically remain on the Gift Card.

In which cities is Charly Cares available?

Charly Cares has an active babysitting network in 9 cities and neighbourhood. Below you will find an extensive overview of these cities and places in which Charly Cares is active.

If you don't live in the cities or places below, you can use Charly Cares when you invite your own babysitter to our platform.

Diemen, Duivendrecht en Ouderkerk aan de Amstel


Den Haag
Rijswijk, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Wassenaar en Wateringen

Geldrop, Helmond, Nuenen en Veldhoven

't Gooi
Blaricum, Bussum, Eemnes, Hilversum, Huizen, 's-Graveland, Laren en Naarden

Aerdenhout, Bennebroek, Bentveld, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, Hoofddorp, Overveen, Santpoort-Noord, Santpoort-Zuid, Spaarndam, Velserbroek en Zandvoort

Leiderdorp, Leidschendam, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten

Capelle aan den IJssel

De Meern en Vleuten

Stay tuned! More cities are coming soon. So keep an eye on our website.

How do you know for sure that the Babysitting Angel is reliable?

Trustworthiness is number one at Charly Cares. Before our Babysitting Angels get to work for us, they are extensively screened at one of our screening locations. During the interview, their background and babysitting experience is discussed. Babysitting experience is required, the Babysitting Angel has to provide two references.