Our Angels' skills

As a parent, you don't just want any babysitter, you want the best for your children. That's why our Angels indicate in the Babysitting App which specific skills they have. You can find these skills as icons in the Angel profiles. You can also filter for them when creating a booking request. So that you can find the babysitter who best suits your family.

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The Angel skills in the Babysitting App

Pro Angel
The Angel has a relevant education, such as pedagogy, the PABO, or nursing, and/or works with children.

The Angel can help the kids with homeschooling and guide them through the lesson materials.

(Children) First Aid
An Angel has this icon in their profile if they have taken a (children) First Aid workshop.

Can drive
The Angel is in possession of a driver's license and is comfortable driving children, for example to pick them up from school.

Baby experience
Does the Angel have experience with babies younger than 12 months old? Then you'll see this icon in their profile.

Find the Angel who fits you best

In the Angel profile, you'll be able to view their skills alongside a personal description and/or video from the Angel, so you can also get a personal impression.

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