Share your favourite Angel

It's great to have found a favourite babysitter, or, even better, to have a favourite babysitter pool! So you won't have to suffer from babysitting stress ever again and can leave without having to worry. Want to treat your friends too? You can share your favourite Angel(s)'s profile with your friends, so you can help them find a great babysitter too.

Share babysitter

How does sharing a babysitter work?

Sharing the Babysitting Angel's profile with friends or family is easy. Follow these steps, easy does it!

  1. Go to your favourite Angels by clicking on 'Favourites'.
  2. Click the share button
  3. Choose how you want to forward the profile, the link will then be automatically created.
Share babysitter

For everyone who lives near the babysitter

You can share your favourite Angel's profile with all your friends and family, provided they live near the babysitter. This has to be within a radius of 7 km, because the babysitter must be able to easily reach the address. Do they live too far away? Our Babysitting App will automatically notify you.

Share babysitter

With or without Charly Cares account

You can share the babysitter with anyone with a Charly Cares account, but also with those without an account. Before friends or family can book the Babysitting Angel, they do need to create a Charly Cares account.

Share babysitter