New response time: 6 hours

We are proud to announce a new proces for booking requests in our app. This new process should ensure that every user knows faster where he/she stands when sending a request or making a proposal.

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What does this mean for you?

  • Response time is reduced to 6 hours

    The maximum time to respond to a booking request is 6 hours: this applies to both parents and Angels - for, for example, a request on Jobboard.

  • Paused at night

    The response time is paused at night (23:00 - 07:00). So, after 07:00, the remaining response time is resumed.

  • Booking will remain open for 48 hours

    Your booking request will remain open for a maximum of 48 hours. That means your booking will remain visible on Jobboard for 48 hours, and that you'll have 48 hours to add new Angels.

Why these changes?

We have noticed that both Angels and parents respond less to booking requests. This has negative consequences to the successful matching of our users. That is why we have worked hard on a new process, so that users know what to expect more quickly.

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Angel Annabelle:

“I think it's great that I now know where I stand more quickly. When I add myself to a babysitting service, I reserve that time and don't look for other babysitting services. Now I know more quickly whether I am actually babysitting and can take that into account!”

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Frequently asked questions

Why did my booking expire and what are the next steps I should take?

Your booking expires because we want to give Angels a deadline, so that you'll have an answer more quickly.

If your booking was not successful, we advise that you make a new booking. Be sure to add different Angels and to also post your request to Jobboard so that the chances of your booking succeeding increase. We will also contact you via WhatsApp to advise you about the booking.

I was too late to accept an offer via Jobboard. Can I still invite the Angel?

You have 6 hours to respond to an Angel's offer. After those 6 hours have passed, you can contact our Customer Care team via WhatsApp (+31202102323) or phone (020 - 210 23 23). We would love to help!

The Angels I selected have declined my request, will it remain visible on Jobboard?

If the Angels you selected declined your request, your request will remain visible on Jobboard. You can also choose to add new Angels to your booking.