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You can, of course, choose to bring your child to daycare, but sometimes it can be nice to have a babysitter nonetheless. Maybe even instead of daycare, for regular or occasional use. Charly Cares offers you, as parents, a wide selection of babysitters, or Babysitting Angels.

This gives you more freedom, while your child stays in a safe environment: home. So you can feel good when you go out the door. Or on a date night with your partner. Or a weekend away with friends. Yes, that sounds divine. But-ehm… How reliable is the babysitter in question actually?

  • Personally screened babysitter

  • Fixed, after school, flexible & last minute

  • Ratings & Reviews

You ask, we search. It's that simple.

You create an account on Charly Cares, fill in the date / dates on which you need a babysitter, indicate your wishes and we show the matching Babysitting Angels. Then you choose the Angel that suits you and your family best. Tip from us: always ask if the babysitter comes a little earlier or make a short appointment. So you can get used to each other a bit.

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Very trustworthy babysitter

No worries, our Babysitters are very trustworthy. Over the years, we have assembled a large database of good, reliable and experienced babysitters which we all have interviewed. We ask critical questions, inquire after experience and and check references. After a babysitting service, parents can give a star rating and even write a review. This is how we keep things transparent and can ensure that we have only the best Babysitting Angels. If there is anything that is not to your liking, we will immediately get to work on it.

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In need of a babysitter? This is how to find one!

You can choose from our Fixed, Flexible or Last Minute babysitters. But before you get to work, you should first download the app, create a profile, enter the dates and possibly update your wish list. Useful if you, for example, need a Babysitting Angel with a driver’s license or one who can cook when you are not around. A tip from us: always add at least three babysitters who meet your requirements. This is how you can ensure you always have a pool and know everything will be taken care of. Also useful: ask the Angel if she would be able to come a bit earlier to meet you, if this is the first time. Just so you can get to know each other and have a chance to explain the schedule.


So, now that you know how to find a good babysitter, what about the payment and the rates? Charly Cares offers three subscription packages: one for if you need a babysitter once a month, one for parents who need a Babysitting Angel occasionally, and one for parents who need a babysitter more often or on a regular basis. The rates of the Angel depend on, for example, experience and the time of the booking. The payment happens as follows: as soon as the babysitter crosses your threshold, the timer in the app will be started automatically. When you come back home, you simply stop the timer. The amount will then appear on your screen and will subsequently be automatically be transferred from the bank account connected to your account. Easy, right?

Ratings & Reviews from parents

Ana from Amsterdam

“Again she was very helpful and sweetie. they had a busy and playful day. I hope to see her soon!”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Farah has a warm personality. My 3.5 and 5 your old sons enjoyed going to the park and playing games with her. She was excellent. ”

Jennifer from Amsterdam

“Super friendly and engaged with the kids. My girls adored her!”

Fridah from Amsterdam

“Amy was a real Angel! She arrived on time and quickly settled in with the kids. My 10 year old loved her and they had a lot of fun in the park. She made sure to help the little one with learning Dutch. I highly recommend Amy!”

Giulia from Amsterdam

“Noor has been a lovely support tonight. Punctual, smiley and capable of caring for our 2yo daughter and putting her down to bed. i’ll def try to jave her over again.”

Nurah from Amsterdam

“Kine is very sweet and nice! Our kids felt right at ease. Highly recommended! ”

Steph from Amsterdam

“Eline looked after our 6 month old beautifully. Thank you so much! ”

Stephanie from Utrecht

“Ella was a very level headed gal and up for the challenege when our youngest was not too interested in going to sleep”

Ejaz from Amsterdam

“pefect ecperience !”

Patricia from Amsterdam

“Bori was great! Totally recommend her!”