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You want to have a fun evening, but you don't want to ask your family to babysit again. Sound familiar? Whether you're looking for a babysitter for an occasional evening out or an after-school babysitter to pick up the kids from school, Charly Cares is here for you. Reliable, friendly, and experienced Babysitter Angels who have a passion for children – that's exactly what you need. Let us tell you more about a babysitter in Groningen...

  • Personal checked babysitter

  • Regular, after-school, flexible & last minute

  • Ratings and reviews after each babysitting service

More about the Babysitting Angels

We rightfully call the babysitters in our app: Babysitter Angels. They take over the care of your children with enthusiasm and passion. Crafting, reading, dancing, going to the playground, going to the park – no problemo! With their experience and motivation, they truly add something to your family, and for parents, it often feels like they become part of the family. Reliability is our top priority, and we'd love to tell you more about it.

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More about reliability at Charly Cares

  • Upon registration, a new Babysitting Angel provides 2 references from families she has babysat for before.

  • Angels are required to pass the iDIN check, and we also conduct a personal check on their profile by asking about their experience and motivation.

  • As part of continuous monitoring, we ask parents to rate the babysitter and leave a rating & review. after each babysitting service. This way, we keep track of reliability and intervene where necessary.

  • In the Angel's profile, you can see the average rating and written reviews from other parents. Not only fun to read, but it also provides a sense of security!

Founder Charly about the Angels on the platform

"Hi parents in Groningen! I'm Charly, founder of Charly Cares. As a mother of 2 girls, Olivia and Valentina, I know how important it is to have a nice and reliable babysitter at home. That's why I attach great importance to the personal check. I am proud that we have so many Angels with years of experience, who are studying or have studied in the direction of PABO, Pedagogy, or other care-related courses. Real Angels, if you ask me!"

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Babysitter wanted in Groningen? Charly Cares to the rescue!

Tip from us: try it out calmly first! You can try Charly Cares for free for the first 14 days. This way, you can get to know the app, the booking process, and search for Angels in your area!

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Reviews from other parents

Ady from Amstelveen

“Hele fijne oppas!”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Leda is an absolute natural with kids. Our youngest ran straight up to her, and middle two happy to read with her before bed. Very easy!”

Swantje from Utrecht

“Jonna is a great babysitter. We can leave the house with a good feeling because we knew both our children are in good care with her. Thanks!”

Anna from Ouddorp

“Thank you!”

Anja from Amsterdam

“Lieve en betrouwbare oppas. Graag tot de volgende keer!”

Cedomir from Amsterdam

“Leda is awsome.”

Karlijn from Amsterdam

“5 sterren oppas!!”

Madeleine from Amsterdam

“Always great!”

Jenny from Amsterdam

“Matt was great looking after our 2 kids, they really liked him and had a fun time. He was responsible, flexible and reliable. We would recommend to anyone!”

ashby from Amsterdam

“We were so happy with the service our son of 3 yrs old was very relaxed and enjoyed his time with her. Would absolutely recommend!”

Radoy from Haarlem

“We had a Very good experience either Lorena”

Gorkem from Amsterdam

“Great experience with Rosy! She is a natural and my 7 months baby felt comfortable with her.”

Janick from Amsterdam


Kim from Amsterdam

“Very nice babysitter! Kids were already asleep when she came but will definitely ask her next time!”

Rosanne from Rotterdam

“We were very happy with her!”

Philippine from Haarlem

“All good! Easy night, geen bijzonderheden maar fijn gevoel bij joanita”

Dicky from Heemstede

“Fijne oppas!”

Kim from Zeist

“All was good, kids were sleeping. Good communication when making the appointment.”

Kirsten from Amsterdam

“Priscilla is really nice, calm and sweet to our child! Even when she was upset. ♥️”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Anna was great! Arran was instantly at ease after meeting Anna and we felt more than comfortable leaving them!”

Berend from Amsterdam

“Dank je!”

Kate from Amsterdam

“Rosy was very warm and friendly. It was my baby's first time with a nanny but she was very professional, patient and kind. I would be happy to rebook or recommend. Thanks Rosy!”

Rachel from Amsterdam

“Thanks for watching our son! Even though he cried a lot (my fault for being too nearby) you managed to handle it well and find ways to distract him!”

Marieke from Amsterdam

“Lief en betrouwbaar!!”

Tess & Annica from Haarlem

“Thank you”

Jennifer from Zwijndrecht

“Ze had vandaag voor de eerste keer opgepast op mij 2 kids en was echt top zal zeker haar nog keer vragen dankjewel voor vandaag alles netjes achtergelaten goede zorg voor de kids en kinderen vonden het geweldig bedankt voor u hulp”

Jayne from Rotterdam

“Always happy to have Esmay come and babysit! Kids are happy and we can relax.”

Jean from 's-Gravenhage

“Loes was the first babysitter we used when we arrived in NL 5.5 years ago and she is always my first choice. The kids love her, she’s reliable, we have clear communication and she always arrives with a backpack stuffed with possible options for the kids to do. She’s a winner.”

Weixin from Amsterdam

“Leda is a caring lady and really pays attention to play and feed my son. You leave with a good feeling.”

Otmane from Amsterdam

“We have requested Matt to watch the boys for several hours indoor / outdoor with several time and logistics constraints and he has been perfect ! Very flexible and available for the kids !”

George from Haarlem

“All good”

Cris from Rotterdam

“Vandana was great with our little girl!”

Misty from 's-Gravenhage

“The best!”

Nikolaas from Amstelveen

“Great always!”

Nikolaas from Amstelveen

“Great! The girls had a great time and felt at ease right away :)”

Drago from Amsterdam

“Very attentive, caring and trustworthy. It was a last minute arrangement and Maddison was amazing”

Phil from Amsterdam

“Great, reliable and great with our son.”

Maja from 's-Gravenhage

“Aysha has been fantastic with our kids.”

Felice from Bloemendaal

“Tatiana was very flexible, and relaxed when she walked in, immediately made us feel comfortable leaving 3 kids in her hands. The kids loved her and she was very flexible when we came a little bit later. Would recommend her in a heart beat!”

Gina from Amsterdam

“Super- recommend!!”

Muska from Weesp

“Would definitely recommend Doris”

Javaad from Haarlem

“Amazing babysitter, she got along well with our daughter who was immediately comfortable with her.”

Laura from Amsterdam

“Ema is amazing with my 4 year old, full of energy and very reliable. Highly recommend her!”

Anoeschka from Amsterdam

“Lovely personality, great experience and love that Maddison is so flexible and easy going.”

Thomas from 's-Gravenhage

“Maren was very calm and friendly and our kids really responded well to her - many thanks!”

Corina from Amsterdam

“Maddison inspires calmness and trustworthiness. It was the second time babysitting our kids and everytjing went great!”

Aline from Rotterdam

“Polina was great. She had 5 kids to put to bed and the liked her very much. She is trustworthy and reliable. Definitely we will book her again.”

Kate from 's-Gravenhage

“We always love Ashy! She plays so well with kids!!”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“She was great!”

Anne from Waalre

“Our girls enjoyed Shaika’s company. Perfect.”

Types of Babysitting Angels at Charly Cares

At Charly Cares, you'll find a babysitter that suits your family and your needs. There are Angels who like to babysit for an occasional evening, but also Angels who are available for after-school moments to pick up the kids from school. Need a last-minute babysitter? Many of our Angels are students and are flexible with their time, ready to step in when needed!

I want a babysitter

How does it work exactly?

  • Download the app, create a profile, and provide information about your family (a description, a clear photo).

  • You can immediately search for an Angel! Enter the date and time when you need a babysitter, and you'll see the Angels in your area.

  • Select your favorite Angels, but also post your request on the Jobboard: this is a kind of bulletin board where Angels can offer themselves for your booking.

  • Manage everything through the app: from making the booking, chatting with your Angel, to the payment. Ideal!

Extra services at Charly Cares: Senior Care & Pet Care

At Charly Cares, you can not only find a babysitter for your children, but you can also get help for an elderly person or arrange a babysitter for your pet. Discover the possibilities of Senior Care and Pet Care at Charly Cares.

Frequently asked questions about a babysitter in Groningen

How do I pay the Angel?

The payment through the app works as follows: when the Angel is at your home, a timer will automatically start, and upon their departure, you stop the timer. Then, you check the times for accuracy and choose whether to pay the Angel privately or through your business (if your employer reimburses for babysitting expenses). If you are paying personally, you can, after consulting with the visiting Angel, choose a payment method:

  1. iDeal: Arrange the payment through your bank app. The Angel will be paid within a day.
  2. Cash or via Tikkie: Arrange the payment directly with the Angel.
  3. Via direct debit: You don't need to do anything else; Charly Cares will debit the amount from your account within 2 working days and pay the Angel after 4 working days.

Note! For a Pet Care booking, a fixed rate applies to that booking. The timer will automatically stop, and you don't need to take any further action. The same applies to a Senior Care booking; the timer will be automatically stopped. Both Pet and Senior Care payments are processed through direct debit.

How do I book a Babysitting Angel?

Easy peasy! In our app, go to 'Discover' > 'Book an Angel'. Enter the dates and times for which you need a babysitter. You will then be able to either select 10 Angels yourself, or post your request on Jobboard.

Selecting 10 Angels yourself? Write a personal message and send the request, then wait for the Angels to respond. If one of them accepts, your request is successful.

If you choose Jobboard, write a personal message and post your request to Jobboard. All Angels near you will be able to see your request and respond. In the end, you decide who ends up babysitting.

How do I stop the timer?

Only parents are able to stop the timer in the app. During the babysitting service, a timer should be immediately visible when opening the app. If that isn't the case, you can find the timer under 'Chat' in the app.

Angels are not able to stop the timer.

How do I find a fixed babysitter?

If you're looking for a babysitter for multiple days per week, we recommend inviting as many Angels as possible for the booking. Create the fixed babysitting reservation yourself, select as many Angels as you can, and post the booking on the Jobboard. This increases the chance lof a successful booking!

For bookings starting from September and lasting a longer period, we advise selecting multiple Angels for 1 to a maximum of 4 times and then discussing whether they can stay for an extended period. We have many students in our database, and they don't yet know their schedules for September in August. Additionally, our experience shows that bookings further in the future are less likely to succeed compared to those happening sooner.